About Us

I never thought I could love anything or anyone more than I loved my dogs, Anouk & Pantouf, and that is how Shinga Pet was born. Our online store for Four-Legged Kids www.shingavet.co.za, making sure we keep all the best foods, treats and metal stimulating toys for pets. Anouk & Pantouf were our children and we wanted to make sure we give them only the best, we also wanted to give other Four-Legged Pet Parents the opportunity to do the same, and that is what Shinga Pet is all about.

When we fell pregnant, our lives changed considerably. Who knew such a small little person can make your heart explode of love in such a way? We were now responsible for that little small girl’s whole life and what she will become one day! So, like all new mothers – I started reading! I had to make sure that I was informed about everything, and I was going to be the best mommy ever, doing everything the books tell you to and my little daughter was going to be perfect! I am sure, if you are a mom, you will now already be laughing?! Being a parent is crazy scary and even crazier difficult. I don’t know what super parents wrote all the books and magazine articles, as nothing is ever as simple and straight forward as they make it out to be. So, you end up feeling like a super bad mom. If you don’t mentally stimulate your child, they won’t develop to their full potential – over stimulate them and they become little monsters! 

As Dory sung – Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming! We make sure we do our best, as that is all you can do in the end. We are now the uber proud, almost drowning , parents of two little amazing girls. They are our whole life (including our three Four-Legged Kids) and we are determined to raise two fabulous little humans, while trying to stay sane in the process of doing so!

Mila & Moo is very close to our heart, as we base it on all the products we would give to our own girls. We want to create a space where parents can find superior quality products that contribute to the development of their children. 

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us