Collages for Little Ones

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An exciting activity for kids will turn into a treasured work of art that you’ll want to keep forever.

Nurture creativity and the artistic development of your child with a beautifully illustrated Collages set from Paris-based toy company Djeco.

Exquisitely packaged with an emphasis on high quality, Djeco’s Collages for Little Ones comes complete with large corrugated cardboard pieces, fun stick-on accessories and an easy-to-follow instruction booklet with full-colour illustrations.

Kids will adore sticking a googly eye, pearly buttons, and stars, stripes and squiggles on the four animal-shaped canvasses to bring to life a bunny, a cute cat, a bee-loving bear, and a sneaky mouse. Little ones will let their endless imaginations run wild!

What's Included: 

• 4x pictures to complete (21 x 28cm)

• 4x accessory packs

• 1x tube of white glue

• colour step by step instruction booklet 

Age group: 

• 3-6 years