SandArt Home Kit

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Get creative

Give your child (and even yourself) the opportunity to express themselves creatively through SandArt. It is so much fun, the whole family will join in!

An easy to carry kit that contains trays, bottles, cards, bookmarks and enough sand to make more than 300 cards. It is perfect for schools, birthday parties and those rainy days at home.

Kit contains:

14 Postcards, 4 Greeting card sets, 2 Bookmarks, 2 Fridge Magnets, 2 Mini Mandalas, 12 Trays, 12 Bottles coloured sand, 12 LIfters, Funnel and instructions.

How do I make a SandArt picture?

The adhesive is already on the pre-cut board which means No Gluing and No Mess. Just peel the picture in stages, sprinkle on coloured sand and youíre done. A perfect picture!

• Step 1 - Peel
Start in the middle of the picture and slowly peel off the first area. Take care not to lift adjoining areas.

• Step 2 - Pour
Now choose a colour and pour it over the adhesive area. Turn the card over and tap it on the back to remove the excess sand. Repeat the pouring process on the same area to obtain a darker shade.

• Step 3 - Perfect
Peel off the next area. Pour a different colour and repeat the motion until the image is completely peeled off and coloured.

• Step 4 - Congratulations
You are a Sand Artist! You can now make a sandart greeting card and send it to someone special. Please see instructions on how to laminate and make your greeting card.

How do I laminate my SandArt card

Protect your masterpiece by using the clear plastic bag included with your card.

• Step 1
Cut your plastic bag open so you have a single side that's bigger than your card.

• Step 2
Colour your card first, but not the border. Remove the border.

• Step 3
Place your plastic sheet over the card and stick down onto the border.

• Step 4
Turn your card over and trim the edges.