Step by Step Drawing School

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Logic sequences and first steps in design techniques

With this original game, children can exercise their sense of observation and learn the first techniques of drawing. At the same time, they can recognise lovable animals and classify them on the basis of the environment in which these live, thus developing logical thought. This is a teaching device that truly exalts the different types of intelligence in children by means of a series of practical and reflective experiments, starting from the observation and perception of shapes and colours.

• Learn to draw

• Develop fine manual skills and eye-hand coordination

• Stimulate artistic creativity

• Recognise the animals

Multiple Intelligences %
Bodily-Kinesthetic 100
Spatial 100
Personal 50
Logical-Mathematical 50
Naturalistic 50
Linguistic 25
Musical 25

• 10 progressive puzzles involving animals

• Draw and erase felt-tip pen

• Erasable board

• Stencil

The game is suitable for children aged between 3 and 6 years