Montessori Alphabet Puzzle 3D

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A giant puzzle with large shaped letters

Children assemble the large illustrated puzzle and learn to recognise their first words and the alphabet, also thanks to the original shaped letters that are inserted vertically in self-corrective manner. The game is inspired by Maria Montessori’s method and by her “3 times” lesson, which favours a spontaneous type of learning that is completely natural.

With this teaching puzzle, children learn to recognise words and letters by means of a teaching method that is structured in 3 separate moments;

• they first associate the images of the cards with the corresponding words
• they next analyse the original letter of each word by recognising the sound, thanks to the small shaped letters
• lastly, they consolidate their learning by assembling the entire alfabetario presented

• Read the alphabet and the words

• Develop fine manual dexterity

• Decodify the images

Multiple Intelligences %
Linguistic 100
Bodily-Kinesthetic 75
Spatial 75
Personal 50
Naturalistic 50
Musical 25
Logical-Mathematical 25

• Maxi (70 x 50cm) puzzle

• 26 pre-shaped letters

The game is aimed at children aged between 3 and 6 years