Montessori Touch 2 pieces Puzzle The Farm

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Lots of two-piece puzzles for very young children!

This game is inspired by the teachings of Maria Montessori both because it involves various sensory channels in order to make it a more effective, playful experience, and also because it is based on the three-period method, which promotes spontaneous, natural learning. The three-period lesson adopted by Maria Montessori is particularly suitable for introducing children’s first concepts and promoting lexical development. The three-phase process is as follows;

• the educator chooses the materials and presents them to the child for an initial identification
• then the educator intervenes by asking the student questions to recognize the subjects using their names
• finally, they consolidate the learning with verification activities.

In this case, the three-period lesson has been adapted to the game of putting together mini-puzzles.

• Recognise a setting with its specificities

• Fine manual skill

• First naturalistic knowledge

• Spatial shapes and creativity

Multiple Intelligences %
Personal 100
Bodily-Kinesthetic 75
Spatial 75
Naturalistic 75
Linguistic 25
Logical-Mathematical 25
Musical 0

19 puzzles, each one consisting of 2 pieces with special touch tokens

The game is aimed at children aged between 2 and 5 years