Farm Animals Sound Puzzle

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Aural reinforcement helps children play independently.

Each happy farm animal "sounds off" in its own voice when its animal puzzle piece is placed correctly in this eight-piece wooden peg puzzle! Your child will enjoy hearing all eight sounds and looking at the full-color, matching pictures under the pieces, while developing matching and listening skills with this captivating multisensory puzzle. (TIP: Puzzle has light-activated sensors; for best results, expose the sensor by removing a piece in a brightly lit room, then make the sound play by replacing the piece in the board.)

• 8-piece wooden peg puzzle with sturdy wooden puzzle board
• Full-color matching picture under each piece
• Lift to expose light sensor, then replace (cover sensor) to hear sound
• Aural reinforcement helps children play independently.
• AAA batteries not included.

Age group: 

• 2 - 4 years

Discover Countless Ways To Play: 

ANIMAL ID: Have kids pick up pieces as you name each animal. Have them predict each animal's sound as they put pieces back into the puzzle board.

WHAT'S MY SOUND?: Remove all pieces. Make one of the animal sounds and challenge kids to find the correct piece and place it in the puzzle board.

STORY TIME: Give each animal a name, a personality, and talk about where it lives, what it eats, and what it likes to do.