Moonlite - The Tale of Jemima Puddle Duck

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A Magical Reading Experience

Moonlite combines traditional storybooks with modern technology to make reading fun for your little ones. With HD projections, sound effects, read-a-long features and more it transforms storytime into a magical event that both children and parents look forward to.

Poor Jemima. All she wants to do is lay her eggs in peace, and be allowed to hatch them herself. At last she flies off and finds the perfect place. Little does the silly duck realise that the charming gentleman who has lent her his woodshed is busily planning a delicious meal of . . . roast duck!

The Tale of Jemima Puddle Duck works with Moonlite’s storybook projector (sold separately). Insert the story reel into the Moonlite projector, clip the projector onto your smartphone (not included) and project beautiful and vibrant storybook illustrations onto any surface! Snuggle in with your child and enjoy beautiful and vibrant illustrations, along with in-app story text and sound effects!

Includes: 1 Story Reel, 1 Activation Card and 1 Quick Start Guide (you will need a Moonlite Projector Phone Clip - sold with Starter Pack)

Ages - 1 to 7 years.

What is Moonlite?
Moonlite is a storybook projector that is powered by the flashlight of your mobile phone. Simply pop in a story into the Moonlite projector, attach it to your phone, open up the Moonlite app and begin projecting your child's favorite stories. Moonlite was designed to make reading an even more engaging and magical experience for children.

• Simply pop a story reel into the Moonlite projector
Slide one of our many children's best-selling story reels into the Moonlite projector.

• Attach Moonlite to your phone
Our universal clip supports over 90% of mobile devices.

• Open the Moonlite app
Open the Moonlite app to begin the magical reading experience!

• Begin projecting vivid storybook images!
And the magic begins. Start reading!

How does the app work?
The app provides the words to all of the stories. There are also sound effects, background music and more to really make the reading experience even more immersive.

How can I download the app?
You can download the app on either the Apple App store or Google Play store.

Can I share my stories?
You can share yours stories with up to 3 other people. Just enter your story library in the app and press the gear (settings) symbol in the bottom right corner, and select 'share my stories' and put in the recipient's email address. They then will get an email and just need to register on the Moonlite app with that email address, and your stories should all be there!